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Chicken wings and pub quizzes

Pub quiz

Last night Myself and other designer type friends competed in the 3rd annual DA pub quiz.

We were The Design Co-op ‘n co’ in celebration of our new shared working space at Point Chevalier. Highlights were the paper jet flying comp and pictionary round, we killed at both these categories. We were not triumphant at knocking the reigning champions from their pedestal, in fact far from it, but a fun night was had by all. I can highly recommend this event to any other designer type peoples and also the selection of deep fried bar foods at the Bluestone Rooms, very good for soaking up beer not so good for the heart, the chicken wings were my favourite.

Goal for next year to improve our 4th-to-last placing.

The Design Co-op ‘n co’ Team members
Carol Green – Illustrator, web and general arty-farty soul
Suz Goldsbury – Marketing type who works for big shall-not-be-named corporate brand
Shelley Watson – Independent Graphic designer, dog lover and adventurer
James Littlejohn – My husband, gadget and tech geek
Andrew Lindsay – An original hipster before hipsters were even a thing
Myself – Team chicken wing eater

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